May 20th, 4pm: Connected Through the Land - opening day!

This spring, Historic Park-McCullough presents a public exhibition about the history of the Hall Farm titled Connected Through the Land. Culling from hundreds of artifacts in the archive, we will present photographs, books, maps, tools and stories about the 640-acre farm. Now in public land conservation, the farm grew vegetables, hay, corn and supported livestock for over 200 years. Most of all, it employed hundreds of citizens in the area - many of whom remained in Bennington. We aim to honor those employees and connect their histories with the contemporary Bennington community.

As a primary source for the exhibition we are compiling oral history about the farm, in partnership with the Skidmore Storytellers institute, the McCullough Free Library, The Fund for North Bennington, and many more. If you are a relative of a former employee (or know one) please don't hesitate to contact us and share your story. As we collect more information, we will build an archive of knowledge and hearsay to be passed on to future generations. We're looking for people from the Harrington, Elwell, Bouplin, Kinney, Morrissey, Niles, Rice, Knapp, Cone, Flanders, Becker families and many others! There are photos and correspondence to share, and much to learn.

This show is supported in part by the Vermont Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Oral history recording day and exhibition opening - May 20th, 4pm - 6pm

Free house tours from 4-6pm

At 6pm, stay with us for a performance by Adam Tinkle and Kyle Motl (also free)