July 12th, 7pm: New Morse Code

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New Morse Code arrives in North Bennington on Tuesday, July 12th. 

Omnivorous, rigorous and inventive, Hannah and Michael activate the unexpected range and unique sonic world of cello and percussion to catalyze and champion the compelling works of young composers. They will be performing a work composed by Christopher Stark called The Language of Landscapes, which was created in large part at the Avaloch Farm New Music Initiative in Boscawen, New Hampshire (which Hannah and Michael run). Website

"Collins and Compitello are much more than accomplished instrumentalists. They are, it seems, not just playing for the future of music, but vibrantly living in and shaping it."
                                                    - New Haven Independent

They will also be joined by Piano duo Ensemble 32, Ryan MacEvoy McCullough and Andrew Zhou. Both duos are working with composer Christopher Stark, and have shaped an evening of music around Stark's connections to the New England landscape.