Sunday, September 18th, 4pm: Looking at the Land

In conjunction with the exhibition "Connected Through the Land", the Park-McCullough Association plans to host two lectures given by Jordana Dym, Director of the John B. Moore Documentary Studies program at Skidmore College, and Eileen Scully, professor of History at Bennington College. The two will offer insights into their approaches to historical representation. Jordana Dym will speak about her program "MDOCS", an interdisciplinary center presenting the stories of the human experience in documentary media and technologies: old and new; visual, oral and written; analog and digital. MDOCS invites students, faculty and staff to learn and use the documentary arts for critical inquiry, discovery, civic engagement, and exposition. Eileen Scully will discuss "Public History," a geographically-specific practice of history that is generated for wide audiences, through collaborations with communities, stakeholders, and professional academics.

We're joining forces with the Bennington Historical Society for this discussion, who are listing this as their September meeting. Light refreshments will be served. FREE