Concert: Bennington Baroque - Sunday, October 8 at 3pm


Der getreue Music-Meister: Telemann after 250 years

Mathieu Langlois,   baroque flute

André Laurent O’Neil   viola da gamba

Sandra Mangsen,   harpsichord

We devote one half of this concert to works by Telemann, in celebration of the 250th anniversary of his death.  He is no second-string composer; preferred by many to the more old-fashioned J. S. Bach.  He engraved and published much of his own music, and began the first music periodical, Der getreue Music-Meister (1728–29), which included pieces suitable for domestic music making on a variety of instruments. The program will include solos and trios for viola da gamba, flute, or both with harpsichord continuo. Sources include solos from the Sonate metodiche (1728), the Essercizii musici (1727/28), and an unpublished trio.

And then we will play some of our favorite music from France, including the second of François Couperin’s Concerts Royaux (1722), excerpts from his 18e Ordre for harpsichord (“Soeur Monique” and “Le tic-toc-choc,” 1722), and a flute sonata by Michel Blavet.

Cash bar provided by Harvest Brewing. Tickets by donation.