Concert: Bennington Baroque - Sunday, September 24 at 3pm

Bach: Tempered and Transcribed

Harpsichordist Sandra Mangsen plays 8 Preludes and Fugues from Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier (Book I, 1722) and a modern transcription of his D-Minor Violin Partita (1720).  Harpsichord by David Jensen, tuned in an unequal circular temperament at A=415 Hz. We are not skipping the nasty keys: C, C Sharp, D, E Flat (including the prelude in E-flat Minor with its fugue in D-sharp Minor). These sound delightful in Kirnberger’s unequal tuning, which some argue was Bach’s favorite. We will complete Book I in concerts later this year.

Cash bar provided by Harvest Brewing. Tickets are by donation.