Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Park-McCullough House. Without their tireless efforts, the house would be lost. There are numerous ways to get involved, and the house is always looking for new faces. Listed below are just a few of the major operational functions that volunteers help with on a daily basis.


Docents, Curation & Exhibits

The family were notoriously good record keepers, and the mansion is brimming with letters, photos and ledgers that give us an amazing view into the daily lives of those living in the Gilded Age. Volunteers can lead tours and help with preservation. They can also do independent research to put together brochures and exhibits. There are truly a limitless number of stories to be told.

Grounds & Gardens

The 200 acre estate is one of the main attractions of the Park-McCullough House. Even when the house isn't open for tours the grounds are open for visitors to tour. The Victorian gardens are a focal point for guests and weddings. With such an expansive property there is always something to do. Whether it's a green thumb, or preservation of the mansion, a helping hand is always welcome.



Cultural Programming

One of the key components the house's existence is cultural programming. We strive to have events throughout Spring, Summer and Fall. Music, Theatre and educational programming are just a selection of the events provided. 

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