From June - August, we host a croquet league. Every Thursday, teams of three compete on a six-wicket course under "French" rules. Evenings consist of a pot luck and cash bar at 6, socializing and then the games begin at 6:30. League play is open to all members of the house. If you are non-member and wish to start a team, we will happily sign you up with a membership, along with your teammates. It is also possible to drop in as an alternate for a single fee per game, to see what it's like. There are some very skilled players in the league, and games can be competitive, but you don't need to know how to play to join in - the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. Our yearly cup is awarded based on a communal vote, not points, so there's room for every level of player.

There is no dress code, but many choose to dress all in white. We have found references in the archive to croquet, and photos of being used for just such a "French" game. The league has been playing every summer for decades. Join us and keep this fun pastime part of the living tradition of North Bennington.

2018 Season Details:

June 14th at 6pm - Croquet Season Begins! There will be a short start of the season meeting and the first night of play.

Croquet will then meet every Thursday night at 6pm on the veranda. 

August 16th at 6pm - Croquet Season Ends! There will be an awards ceremony and the last night of play. 

New for 2018 - Ask about our childcare options!